Ct scans and kidney stones

Posted by jac08 @jac08, Mar 24 12:07am

So I have been to 3 urologists all except one agreeing kidney stones but not blocking so shouldn’t be causing pain and dismiss it. However I have multiple things going on probably all caused by antibiotics. I have done 3 ct scans , with 1 not showing stones the notes saying calcifications and Randall’s plaque and kidney cysts on 2 and I have 1 ultrasound showing them and 1 just saying calcifications. I also did a 24 urine test that says I have them. I’ve just been accepted to Mayo in 5 weeks and they want another one. That would be 4 in a short period. Does anyone know if it’s absolutely necessary to do another one or if I can define that? I don’t want to be exposed to anymore radiation. Opinions ?

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@jac08 Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Any time we have tests it can be anxiety producing, and to have three CT scans in a short period of time can be a lot! I wonder if you can pose the question to the Mayo location where you are going, if they will accept the scans and results previously done on you? If they say "no" can you ask them for their reasoning?

Typically, there should be no ill effects of CT scans. If you have had any reaction to the dyes or contrast material used, then make sure your team notes that. For myself, due to end stage renal disease, I am limited on dye material. I know you want the best treatment for your situation, and having accurate scans will go a long way towards that.

When is your appointment with Mayo Clinic, and which campus?

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