Cramp Fasciculation Syndrome

Posted by soccer1477 @soccer1477, Nov 10 3:54am

Anyone diagnosed with Cramp Fasciculation Syndrome and if so what are your symptoms?
I was diagnosed based on an EMG but I have not had any cramps that I could tell, I have had issues for now 14 months and during those 14 months 3 cramps one on my pecs and upper back after working out and mowing the lawn that how my nightmare started as a week later my fasciculations started and then three weeks later my horrible back pain my symptoms are
– fasciculations all over my body but mostly on my legs I have good days and horrible days, some times they make me feel like my legs might cramp
– pain on my mid back around T5 that also gets my back side muscles
– pain on both of my pecs that goes under arms and then my back
– hamstrings pain constant
– Tibialis pain on both legs that even hurt to the touch

I have neurologist that says he cannot give me a straight diagnosis as I also have issues on my back but my 2nd neurologist is sure my pains are not related to my back issues but is cramp fasciculations Syndrome and probability of ALS
– cervical herniated disc T6 4mm
– thoracic 3 herniated and 6 bulge
– lumbar many issues moderate foraminal narrowing L4 to S1 have too. Many issues to list them

Two orthopedic surgeons say my spine is normal even with all those issues
I have one orthopedic surgeon now that has taken the time to look at ALL my MRIs and tests took two hours reviewing everything no other doctor has done so. He feels is my cervical spine and wants to try epidural at C7-T1 level
We tried one at C6 level but only helped for two or three days and then the pains came back with revenge

I have been tested for Stiff Person Syndrome and all test came back clear, I have also being told Isaac Syndrome but didn’t show on EMG

I’m very frustrated with all these diagnoses I wanted to go to Mayo Clinic but I cannot handle the drive and the pain I also cannot drive as my hamstrings pain gets worst and cramp my leg if I’m driving same with sitting down for too long

Thanks for reading

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