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cpap machine

Posted by Anonymous-3f367f8c in Healthy Living, Mar 4, 2012

does anyone know of a cpap machine that does not blow air continuously. Also, nose gets so stuffed up that prevents breathing via nose. Have to remove cpap and sit up. Any up to date machines?

Tags: sleep problems

Posted by Anonymous-7ad881da, Mar 27, 2012

I am not sure just what form of OSA you have, but I have used a CPAP machine for 30+ years now, and do not have the symptoms you are describing. My machine is a REMstar C-Flex, and it senses when I exhale, and then it stops pumping air until I breathe in again. Hope that helps. God bless your search for improvement.

Posted by Anonymous-3f367f8c, May 8, 2012

many thanks.


Posted by @msrooster, May 6, 2012

You should get your provider to fit you with a cpap which fits your facial structure. Also, if you have them issue you one with a humidifier it is a big help. I'm not saying I love my machine at all, and it does blow air continuously, but finally it's better after having 6 or 7 masks issued.


Posted by @trippangie17, Jun 10, 2012

I have a bi-pap machine. It forces are in while inhaling and lets up while exhaling. I felt like I was smothering with the c-pap.

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