COVID19 Pneumonia

Posted by kobe @kobe, Jan 4 5:49pm

My mum is unfortunately in critical condition due to pneumonia. She is currently on highflow oxygen (50L/min), difficult breathing while awake on prone position (RESP around 40-60 per minutes), Heart beat 100, SpO2 85-90, Blood pressure 150/78.
While sleeping the vital sign looks better: RESP 25-30 per minutes, Heart beat 90, SpO2 98-99, Blood pressure 128/69
When she turnaround the SpO2 can drop to 30 for 15-20 seconds.
Doctor gave her antibacterial infusion and Albumin infusion and Olumiant oral tables.
My mum also suffers anxiety and always worried about diseases before COVID.
Does anyone have any innovated treatment idea or advice? Thanks a lot.

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