COVID19 keeping safe - about same that chemo patients do

Posted by Laurie @roch, Mar 28, 2020

Any cancer, transplant or other people with compromised immune systems have followed COVID19 safety tips for decades.

Maybe I am better prepared for this stay at home and social isolating process because it is not that different then what I did last year when having chemo treatment. I avoided groups of people, only went to store for essentials, stayed at home, wore mask when appropriate and washed my hands often.

Big difference is this time I have some energy and using the time to catch up on things at home.


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@roch — Hi Laurie, thanks for the "reality check". Yes, some of us are new to this, others are not … But everyone on this and similar blogs is on this merry-go-round, perhaps feeling sort of dizzy.

Let's all take a deep breath … Smile, life renewal is all around, yes, even for those allergic to pollen 🙂 . You can't choose your genes or perhaps environmental effects on your body … BUT we all can control how we react to the issues in our lives. Let's all reach for that strength within ourselves and laugh, whistle, sing, dance, and wear a happy smile. And if you just can't find that smile, then reach out and seek the help and support of those around you, including family, clergy, mental health therapists, and others who have or are going through similar events. Reach out on "Connect". We are not doctors, but we are pretty good at providing warmth and acceptance, and information too.

Stay safe and well!
— Dee


Laurie, Smart you for getting ahead of the game by practicing these life preserving tips a year ago when having chemo. So happy to hear you have more energy now and putting it to good use. Amazing how creative I can be when procrastinating or avoiding at home tasks that would benefit my closets or cleaning plantation shutters down the road.


Laurie that is so very true. Glad you have energy and can do some things around your home. Even that can be exciting if you were previously not able to do them.

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