Coursera: Introduction to hearing loss course

Posted by johnny3 @johnny3, Sep 21, 2019

Coursera has a free course called “Introduction to hearing loss.” Its short and fully involved for those who want to know more about the physiology and anatomy of the human ear

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Hi @johnny3 thank you for sharing. What did you gain from this course?


I was immediately intrigued by how sound travels through different parts of the ear through the nerve to the brain at a rapid pace. The course covers how sound vibrates the middle ear to the ossicles (Three little bones) and travel several times inside the cochlea(size of a thumbnail) to the nerve and onward to the brain. Some of these things I already know,as well as others but its more fully involved. It also explain disorders and treatments of each part of the ears. I'm not an expect in the physiology and anatomy of the ear but it appears in my research thus far, the main culprit in hearing loss is damaged hair cells. My main objective now is understand damage of the vestibulocochlear nerve and how it may cause numerous disorders.

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