Could I have pneumonia?

Posted by Buddi @buddi, May 27, 2016

Hi! Trying not to write a whole super lot, but here it goes: I don’t get sick a whole lot. Usually twice a year I’ll get a cold that usually turns into bronchitis. But it’s only May and this is my third time being sick. Last time was at the beginning of this month. I just barely got over being sick and it’s come back or I have a different sickness. My doctor gave me another round of antibiotics but she didn’t examine me this time.

So basically, I started off with a dry cough, all day Sunday. Sunday night, my throat started hurting bad. Monday, I felt feverish and cold so I went into a hot shower and breathed in steam, which made me bring up mucus. It was brown and tasted like infection. About an hour later, I coughed so much I threw up. I had about a 99.5 fever. Since then, I’ve had an annoying cough. I haven’t been able to cough anything else up but I can still taste the sickness. My head has also been super congested, ears popping etc. but the constant rumbling in my chest when I cough I’m unsure of. And all day today, I’ve been so hot and sweaty. I haven’t taken my temp because my mom came down with whatever I have now and I’ve been too lazy to clean it. And as I lay here in bed I feel short of breath (not sure where my inhaler is :-/) but of course now my doctor is going to be closed until Tuesday so I’m not sure what to do. I also took my last antibiotic tonight :-/

Any thoughts?

Hi @buddi, and welcome to Connect. I found information on pneumonia from Mayo Clinic that includes symptoms and home remedies that you may find helpful ( Two things Mayo suggests is getting plenty of rest and staying hydrated. I would suggest seeking medical attention if your symptoms continue to get worse over the weekend. While you’re doctors office may be closed, you could try a nearby urgent care. There are also nurse hotlines that you could call, depending on your personal health insurance provider.

I’m also tagging a few other members – @janovr and @ehliny who have wrote about pneumonia diagnoses to see if they will be able to provide insight.

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