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Posted by jagilles @jagilles, Jan 15 10:07am

I am concerned about this cost of Prolia
I just had my first injection and the OSF Outpatient Clinic in Peoria charged over $9000!
My out of pocket was $1700
I can not afford this 2 times a year
I did call company who makes it and they offer $1500 a year toward cost.
How do people make this affordable?
Does Medicare cover it, but I am 3 years from that.

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I have a Medicare Advantage plan. Last year it was $100 copay for the first shot, then $350 for the second. This year will be $400 each.

The Patient Advocacy Foundation gives grants of about $1,500 a year. Osteoporosis is one of the qualifying diseases. The fund is closed right now, so you have to keep checking for when it opens. You can also look around the website and see if there's a waiting list you can get on.

Here's the website:


Hello @jagilles, Welcome to Connect. I can't imagine how difficult it is for you and others having to pay such a large amount for the out of pocket cost for Prolia. You mentioned calling the company. Did you see the information on their website here? — Paying for Prolia®:

Also, there are coupons available that you might want to look at but I'm not sure how much they cover.
— Prolia Coupons & Prices:

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