Can treatments for lung diseases be used against CoronaVirus?

Posted by wonderfulworld @wonderfulworld, Apr 7, 2020

My father had severe leginares disease which cause severe pnemonia and breathing issues which I know that also Corona causes can any of the treatments used for leginares disease be used to eleviate breathing difficulty caused by the new virus?

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@wonderfulworld– Good morning and welcome to Mayo Connect.Thank you for your thoughtful question. We are patients and caregivers sharing and supporting one another and not medical professionals. As testing continues for vaccines and treatments for the coronavirus they are finding that the coronavirus is not like any past viruses will need its own treatments. Let's keep our fingers crossed that these discoveries happen very quickly!


@wonderfulworld I will add that doctors are trying ALL of the treatments in the arsenal to figure out which ones will work. The U of Minnesota alone has about 40 different projects underway to develop treatments, devices, tests, vaccine…and to better understand the virus. Multiply that by all of the wonderful institutions around the world, and we can have confidence that answers will come. But as Merry pointed out Covid-19 is different so it is going to take time. Everyone wishes they could wave a magic wand and fix this, but that is not how science and medicine work.

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