Coping with Prednisolone Tapering

Posted by susanew @susanew, May 30 11:55am

I have been trying to taper down my steroid use first from 8 mg to 2 mg methylprednisolone, which I have successfully done. But the hardest hurdle now is from 2 mg to 1 mg. I think, fingers crossed 🤞 that I may have found some help in reaching this goal. On top of PMR, I also have osteoporosis with a small fracture (probably from a bad fall) in my L1 spine. What has really helped me recently with the PMR tapering pain is using a memory foam cushion I had previously used in the past to sit on, but now am using it as a back support with an added pillow when sitting for long periods. For some reason, this seems to put less pressure on my thighs, groin, legs, lower back, neck. So far I have been on the 1 mg for a few days now and am doing fairly well with much less pain. It’s just a thought that maybe this might help you too when tapering.

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good job. Keep trying to figure it out. Methylprednisolone is same as prednisone. It is 5 times stronger than cortisol and prednisone is 4 times stronger. MP is also injectable. Do what you can to get off. It will make life really difficult at first.

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