COOLIEF versus hip replacement

Posted by peggyp @peggyp, Feb 20, 2021

I have a hip that needs replacement but I fear going thru it because of an active ulcer. I am 82, have one replaced knee, and on 3 1/2 mgs for PMR after five years. I take 20 mgs Oemeprazole and Tums for the ulcer which appeared after knee replacement. I can hardly walk because of the hip and had a steroid shot six months ago. Its effects are waning. Has anyone had COOLIEF instead of hip replacement? And how long did it last for pain relief?

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@peggyp Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect, a place to give and get support. I'm sorry to hear that you can barely walk due to your hip but that surgery isn't your number one option due to ulcers.

Below I have linked two previous discussion related to COOLIEF. You may wish to scroll through the previous comments to look for information and suggestions.
- Has anyone tried Coolief for pain?

I would also like to tag members @cobweb @abhilashrathore @hopalongnm3 @palmsprings59 @popolopo @katrine @coco. They have recently discussed hip replacement and may be able to offer support.

May I ask the correlation between the ulcer and knee surgery? Was it pain medication that caused the ulcer?


For almost a year, in 2015, I was taking Ibuprofen four times a day, without food, for pain that was diagnosed as Polymyalgia Rhuematica (PMR) in early 2016. 15 mgs of Prednisone relieved the pain and I ceased the Ibuprofen. I did have a pain in my left side but the drs could not determine what it was. In 2017, I had right knee replacement and the ulcer erupted after a blood thinner given during my stay in the hospital. I had an endoscopy and stayed extra days in the hospital. The following year, I attempted to change ulcer meds and the ulcer erupted again, another endoscopy and two days in the ICU. I am now on 20 mgs Oemeprazole and afraid to get off or change to another medication. The 3 1/2 mgs Pred I am now on does not relieve the arthritic left hip pain I had before all of the above. A steroid shot given six months ago is barely working now. I have the option of hip replacement or COOLIEF. I fear the possibility of stroke or ulcer bleed with replacement.

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