Constant dizziness/imbalance

Posted by Chester @chester, Jul 21, 2011

I’m a 47 year old male, and I’ve been experiencing a non-spinning dizziness/imbalance feeling for over ten months now. It all started after having a sinus and ear infection. I’ve had and MRI of the head, balance testing, blood tests for any deficiencies, heart tests, all of which are negative. I am suppose to see a neurologist next. Anyone else having similar problems?

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I guess you can add me to the list. I woke up with dizziness, ringing in the ears, visual problems – like vibrating vision, balance problems and sensory disfunction (somewhat like ataxia) one year ago. I’ve seen every kind of doctor imaginable, including Mayo, and the only thing they’ve come up with is a vestibular problem, but no explanation for the sensory disfunction and ringing and visual problems. I’m currently in vestibular rehab and it is helping a little with stability, but everything else is still there. I am so desperate I will do anything to have my life back. Has anyone discovered anything yet?

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The only thing I’ve discovered is that taking clonazepam daily takes the edge off and helps calm the nerves that these feelings we have aggitate. Going on my third year with this now, I’ve pretty much given up on the idea I will feel normal again, but now work with the things I can do instead of dwelling on what I can’t. This is obviously easier some days more than others.


They don’t exactly know why mammals have sinuses. I’m not surprised they can’t provide a cure


The constant vertigo/dizziness is now going on 2 years. I do not drive anymore and I live alone. I have had a battery of tests with a variety of doctors. I have been told I might have cervical vertigo,acoustic nerve disorder or vestibular nerve neuritis. I have also been to physical therapy and vestibular therapy.It is frustrating.
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