Conflicts between a mother and her 32-year old son who moved back home

Posted by marilyn1942 @marilyn1942, Jan 11, 2017

My son was very happy being married to the woman of his dreams for 5+ years. She started to see other men and women. He moved back home and occasionally is impossible to live with. Sometimes he can be nice and other times he screams profanity at me. I don’t charge him rent and I buy all of the food. I asked him to stay at his girlfriend’s apartment and to take his 2 dogs with him. I can’t take his abuse.

I do have 35 cousins so I can spare a few, just kidding. I would say there are many more of my immediate family and my cousins that have mental illnesses and I believe it comes from both my parents side. My sister struggles with depression and I think my younger brother tries to drink his away.
My brother that killed himself was on a road to destruction. He would drink and get in to fights quite often. I just don’t think he knew where to turn for help and he did a pretty good job at hiding his feelings, but in retrospect we know he was depressed. This happened in the early eighties and my younger brother still can’t get over it. I guess as said previously you don’t get over something like suicide you just learn to live with it. None of these people confided in me. Thank you for the kind thoughts. I live in New England.


Good luck to you Marilyn I think that you are making a wise choice.

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Thank goodness your son is helping you out while you are ill. As for his female friend I would ask your son not to invite her over and tell him the reasons why. She does not sound like a very nice person and you shouldn’t have to be treated like this in your own home. Point out to your son how he changes around you whenever she is there. I just can’t understand people like her, life is difficult enough without having to go through this. Good luck and keep us informed.

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As you know, or I think you know, I live in Arizona. It must be very, very cold in your area. I always loved visiting New England. My son, husband and I loved to drive up over the Thanksgiving holiday. One time, we visited an early settlers camp and an right down the road was a Native American camp. I have no idea how any of them survived the horrible winters. The early settlers camp was very basic. Most of them lived in tents but there were a few basic houses. They were drying animal skins and preserving food. They were not selling anything but we did buy a very small plate of beef–and I mean small. They hardly had enough food for themselves. The Native Americans approached us as we were taking a walk through the forest. I never saw their camp. All that I remember is their clothing–almost next to nothing but they were very friendly. They gave us food, which was not necessary but we accepted it and it was good. I will never forget that experience. It was wonderful. I can’t imagine how those people survived and then many of them headed West in covered wagons and survived that horrible trip.


I was reading your story Marilyn and I’m thinking I wonder where this place is. Duh what a dope I am. At first I thought you were talking about Sturbridge Village in Ma.
Yes it’s pretty cold and we just got a snowstorm. The trees are covered with snow, it looks very beautiful. I can’t wait to go to Florida.
How are you doing anyway? I hope things are going better for you. Take care.



Perhaps, things have changed from the beginning days at Sturbridge, and I don’t recognize the Village now. It could have been Sturbridge during the primitive stages. The best that I can remember, the people lived in makeshift tents made of animal skins. During those times, people were very creative. They learned how to protect and feed their family. Winters were horrible. I recall seeing some of the early days comforters. They were not elegant but they kept the family warm. Every time we went to Austria or Germany, I purchased a comforters. The first thing that you have to do is select the feathers. Next, the size. You return a few days later and the comforter is ready. I loved doing that.

Have a wonderful time in Florida. Which part of Florida are you staying? Things are improved here. My son’s romantic life is always up and down but he is adjusting better than he has since the divorce. Be well and bless you Leslie. Be safe.

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