Tongue Cancer: Concern that no radiation offered after surgery

Posted by canziea @canziea, Dec 4, 2019

My mother was diagnosed with stage 3 tongue cancer this past summer. She needed treatment right away, based off the surgeons and the biopsy.

She had the surgery in June. She never went back for radiation or any other treatment.

She recently told me, after not speaking with me or my sister since her surgery, that she is in unfathomable pain constantly, can’t eat, weighs 90 lbs, feels weak..

Idk what’s going on. Anyone with experience, please, educate me. My mother won’t be honest with me.

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Hi @canziea and welcome to Connect. I can imagine you are concerned for your mom and want the best treatment options to be offered to her, and for her to not have pain and to be able to eat. I’m bringing fellow members @alpaca @loli and @wayno1234 into this discussion as they have first-hand experience with tongue cancer.

Canziea, do you know if your mother has been offered further treatment but decided against it? Has she been to see a dietician or nutritionist who specializes in head and neck cancers? Most cancer centers offer support to help recover from surgery.


Canziea, I am terribly sorry your mother has to go through this ordeal. The first thing I would do, is to go back to the doctor for a check-up, and please go with her. Take paper and pencil, and write everything he has to say. Also, go prepared with all your written questions. This might be a relapse, and you need to know. If, it is not, let us rejoice and we will give you all the advise we have through our experiences; but time if of the essence to see her doctor again Loli


@loli's advice is good @canziea. We don't all need radiation after tongue surgery but your mother should not be in pain and losing weight. She needs a treatment or follow up plan at the very least. If you live too far away to go to the hospital with her, could you ring someone to see what is going on? Sorry I am so late replying. I lost my password of all things. I wish you and your mother well.

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