colpocleisis complications lefort or total colpocleisis

Posted by arlosmomma65 @arlosmomma65, Jun 4 11:22am

Hello everyone, I'm a transvaginal mesh survivor with over 16 pelvic floor surgeries to remove implanted mesh, do reconstruction, repairs, etc. along with nerve blocks and botox, all over almost 20 years. I just had a LeFort colpocleisis three weeks ago. I have to say I thought the surgeon was doing a total colopocleisis not a partial or Lefort..I now have drainage channels that I do not need as I don't have a uterus, ovaries or cervix! I need to know if this drainage will be happening for the rest of my life? I see the surgeon in 2 weeks and will be discussing the procedure he did. thank you all!

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