Color Change

Posted by heavenmyway21 @heavenmyway21, Dec 7, 2022

Hello, I need help trying to figure out what is going on with me. Past couple months I've been having this issue. It's only when I wake up, first time it happened I woke up looking at the wall and seen weird little blob that looked 3D, Now when I wake up certain colors are different, I usually have Amazon prime on to watch for bed and waking up later it's on that continue playing screen which the color is grey, but when I first wake up and look at it, it is blue, at one point it was blue with mosaic design all over it. Last night I woke up and looked at my black playstation controller and it had tiny red dots, is this something to be concerned about? At first I was having panic attacks over it now I feel comfortable seeing it. But it doesn't do it everytime I sleep and wake up, I do have a eye growth on my left side it was later determined to be a nictating membrane (functional third eyelid). This started later on about 8-9months after I had a syncope episode last November, which development panic/anxiety issues only at night, I have a small list of diagnosis

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Could it be something caused from medication? Or autoimmune diseases I was diagnosed with? Sorry I had to add this in comments I accidentally tapped post before I was done.

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