colonoscopy with CKD

Posted by csage1010 (Sue) @csage1010, Sep 25, 2021

Hi All,
I have to have a colonoscopy on Tuesday. I am really stressed out about the prep and the effect it will have on my kidneys. I am using the Miralax prep. Any suggestions? My current GFR is 54. Thank you.

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@csage1010 Check with your nephrologist. When you pick up the prep solution, check with the pharmacist to get their take on it. Last time I had a colonoscopy, it was a real bear of a time to get the solution down; I couldn't finish it all. It meant my gut wasn't as clean as they would have liked, but they went ahead and did the procedure, anyway.

Here is the advice from Cleveland Clinic about using Miralax" Good for you for taking the time to look into all the possibilities about a colonoscopy and kidney disease! We have to advocate for ourselves everyday.

I'll check with you Tues late day to see how things went for you, okay?


@csage1010, how did the colonoscopy go? How are you doing?


Oh, thank you for asking. It went well in terms of the prep (much better than last time). They found and removed a few very small polyps and I should get the results in a couple of weeks. The anesthesiologist was much more concerned about my creatinine and GFR than my primary care, which in a way spooked me even more. I see the nephrologist in about a month. Thanks again ~Sue

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