Cochlear Implant and Tinnitus

Posted by pennyr @pennyr, Sep 25 10:42am

I am having a CI in December and am very positive about it, but I have two concerns which I hope others might help me address.
1. I have tinnitus which is worse on the side that will be implanted as it also has the worst hearing. Long term worsened tinnitus is my greatest worry. My surgeon tells me that this rarely happens and I have read that it may worsen temporarily.
2. Avoiding sneezing and nose-blowing for a couple of weeks after the operation. Certainly I can avoid nose-blowing, but sneezing, no. I have no known allergies, but I sneeze more than the average person I suspect. Every day, a few times. I can sneeze with my mouth open (as advised) but has anyone else been in this position? I'm wondering if taking an anti-allergen anyway might help.
Thank you!

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I'm not an expert so can only speak from my own experiences and about those I've mentored through MCC and HLAA. It seems that in most cases tinnitus lessens after a person has an implant. It may not go away immediately but tends to dissipate. Everyone is different so there is no 'for sure' guarantee. People have stated that after the CI activation they can hear better so the tinnitus that remains doesn't bother them as much.

I'm a sneezer too but know that minor allergies are why I sneeze. I take a basic over the counter antihistamine when I'm dealing with stuffiness and/or sneezing. I've done that with my doctor's approval.

Have you asked your doctor about taking antihistamines?


Thank you. No not yet, but it's one of the things I need to do before December.

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