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CMT=Charcot Marie Tooth Disease Type 2 Neurological Disorder form of MD

Posted by @greengrandma, Feb 4, 2012

It started out w restless leg syndrome, then my feet started burning as I sat at my desk @ work. It got so intense that I could not be in sitting position 5 minutes. Finally had to go to bed 24/7 for 2 years except to pee about 8 times a day. I do not suggest that you do that as your muscles can atrophy. I could still walk but I lost my fluidity of motion, nothing has brought that back. I prayed daily to die, because of God, I never tried to take my life. I now go to a pain therapist. It took about 11 years, to diagnose CMT. (5 yrs. ago) I have gone through hell and back. Physical therapies, paralysis, foot deformities, 11 corrective surgeries but Life is worth living after all. Hope 2 Help!



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Posted by @jtring, Apr 26, 2012

our 12 year old daughter was just diagnosed today with CMT. We are s distraught. Please anyone with a one child pre teen give us some hope

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