Cipralex/escitalopram & clonazapam.. I’m scared.

Posted by deewithanxiety @deewithanxiety, Dec 1, 2018

Hi all. I’ve been on clonazapam at 0.25 mg for about 9 years, and my doctor has introduced cipralex, after what she called a mental break down. Non stop panic attacks and anxiety, from day to night. I’ve been on 2.5, 5 and 10mg of cipralex, and now I’m back down to 2.5 mg. I am an absolute zombie on it, though. I’m so tired that I can barely breathe. I slept none stop. My head feels dizzy and foggy. I’ve tried 6 different medications now, and cipralex is the best.. but makes me feel like an actual zombie that can’t function. I’ve never felt so heavy. Does anyone think this could be clonazapam and cipralex reacting weird together?

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what a horrible time – have you tried kava kava


Hi, I am so sorry you are dealing with this.:( My son has social phobia and panic disorder. I wish I had an answer, but if you are feeling sedated to that extent, one or both meds needs adjustment or changed to a different medication. I would caution adding sedating supplements without consulting your doctor as some are dangerous. If I come across any medical literature regarding this, I will let you know. My son takes clozaril and lorazepam. I am hopeful that research will soon find breakthroughs in treatment or a cure for anxiety. My heart goes out to you.


@deewithanxiety: Maybe I can help you, because I have taken both Clonazepam and Escitalopram. Please let me know how you are feeling now and what medications are you presently taking, including their dosages. I need this information to make any suggestions. Regards.

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