Chronic left shoulder pain related to eating

Posted by godawgs27 @godawgs27, Mar 27 7:57pm

Hey everyone my story starts about 4 months ago. I’ve had left middle back pain near my shoulder blade . I also have been having abdominal pain that isn’t in one spot and seems to move around. The shoulder pain is 24/7, and especially worse after eating. It’s hard to eat enough food everyday because it causes pain. Certain movements can trigger the pain more but it doesn’t seem to be muscular at all. I also can feel a little bit of pins and needles more at night in my hands/feet. A CT scan showed nothing of importance.

In the past, I had my gallbladder removed and GERD, but it’s under control now, and I just had an endoscopy that showed it was

My diet is super clean and is mostly chicken, rice, and bananas and other fruit. I’m really confused by what this could be. Anyone have any ideas?

TL:DR – Middle left back pain that is constant and gets worse after eating with some abdominal pains.

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To begin with, always start with a cardiovascular work up. Secondly 73% of people who’ve had Gallbladder surgery have shoulder pain also known as referred pain. ( our bodies are amazing) but first a full cardiology work up then talk with your internist as there is treatment for this…..David


Agree with David but add a GI doc too. Seems pretty obvious the relationship between pain and food?

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