Chronic knee pain after knee replacement with excessive scar tissue formation

Posted by SMargelz @smargelz, Nov 17, 2012

Has anyone else had a similar experience. I am 3 years post op. I have had a MUA 3 months after first surgery. I had arthroscopic surgery 6 months later with some improvement, but 1 year later, pain and heaviness returned, has not gotten better. I have lost initial gains especially in bending my knee. it is a constant problem no orthopedic doctor seems to know what to do about it. I have had numerous PT visits, pool therapy and exercises,myofacial therapy, chiropractic therapy, ASTYM therapy,I am now wearing a steel brace for extra stability, but doctors can find nothing wrong with the original knee surgery?


Well, another year after the scar tissue removal, I had to have a revision …… so I got to start all over again! Great fun! But now my knee is great.

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Great News!!! Who did your revision ?


Which revision? My last one was done by Dr. Finn at Weiss Memorial in Chicago.

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