How to choose: carboplatin+paclitaxel OR carboplatin+gemzar?

Posted by danuta @danuta, Sep 12 3:45pm

I recently changed to a new Medical Oncologist. Under the care of my first Oncologist, I was on Enfortumae-vedotin (Padcev) treatment for Ureteral cancer, which stopped working after 6 months. My new Oncologist had me take a break from treatment for 2 months.

I’m about to start further treatment with carboplatin + paclitaxel. My previous oncologist had intended to start further treatment with carboplatin gemzar. I’m wondering how these treatments differ and which may be preferable at this stage of my treatment.

(On 9/7/22 I had a pelvis MRI which indicated stable appearance of the right ureteral mass involving the right vaginal wall and increased right pelvic lymphadenopathy)

Thank you

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@danuta, that is a very good question that I would discuss with your oncologist. If it were me, I would go to a reputable website and compare the 2 different drug combinations. I would find out
– how they are administered
– what are the most common side effects

For example here are 2 pages from Macmillan Cancer Support:
– GemCarbo chemotherapy
– Paclitaxel and carboplatin

I would consider which side effects I would more likely be able to handle. Equipped with that information, I would ask loads of questions like:
– Which treatment has shown to be most effective with ureteral cancer?
– What characteristic of my cancer and personal medical history make one treatment preferable over the other?
– If I were to get XXX side effect, how can it be managed?

Did you ask the new oncologist why they chose carboplatin + paclitaxel rather than GemCarbo? How are you feeling after the chemo break?

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