Chonic earwax in one ear

Posted by kurystk1 @kurystk1, Sep 12 7:05am

Started about 5 years ago. Also recurrent infections. Apparently these things can come with age, but I want to explore other answers. I do have deviated septum on that side and smaller sinus cavity, so possible eustachian tube dysfunction. Visiting specialist so expect to get to the bottom of it but if anyone can shed light on this issue from your own experience, would appreciate.

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Hello @kurystk1 and welcome to Connect. My elderly mom had a problem with wax impacting worse in one ear, and it seemed to be because there was a different shape in the ear canal, maybe it was smaller. She was seeing an ENT every 3 months for wax removal because there had been some problems with it adhering to the eardrum and the usual methods of flushing with a syringe of water by her primary care doc was not getting it. I guess that may be considered preventative maintenance.

Are you scheduled with an ENT (Ear Nose Throat ) doctor?


Oh yes. Going to get to bottom of it.

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