Cholesterol granuloma of the petrous apex: anyone have/had this?

Posted by gracielynnie @gracielynnie, Jun 20 10:01pm

How was your recovery from surgery and quality of life now?

Hello @gracielynnie and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I see that you are interested in connecting with other members who have had this surgery. Currently, I do not know of any other members who have posted about this.

While I could not find any Connect members who had this surgery, I did find some information on the National Institute of Health website regarding the surgery with some studies about the surgery outcomes. Here is the link to that information,

Perhaps you could provide a little background for us and maybe we can find someone with a similar experience. Could you share with us, as you are comfortable doing so, how this problem was diagnosed? For example, what symptoms were you having and what type of specialist were you seeing when the diagnosis was made?

Is this surgery currently scheduled or are you in the process of considering it?


Hello @gracielynnie. I'd like to also extend my welcome along with @hopeful33250. Because my understanding of this surgery is that it involves Otology, you will notice that I have included this in the Ear, Nose & Throat group as well.

Like Teresa mentions above, we don't seem to have a current member who has experienced this surgery.

Did the link provided above prove helpful?

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