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Chest Discomfort With No Apparant Heart Problems

Posted by @jacobk, Apr 22, 2012

My wife (68 yo) has had chest discomfort on several ocassions, and received Emergency Room treatment and observation. Each time, no heart-related problems were noted, and all her lab work shows excellent cardio-vascular conditions (very healthy cholesteral levels, hypertension well under control, no other indications of heart problems, etc). Nuclear heart stress tests, heart echo grams, MRIs of chest and abdominal areas have negative results.
Yet, her symptoms (chest discomfort, particularly behind her left shoulder blade, a feeling of weakness, return. She has undergone two episodes in the ER, both with overnight stays for observations and tests, all with negative results. Last episode in the ER was a month ago; symptoms have returned. I have read somewhere that arterial spasms may occur for no known reason, and was wondering if anyone knows of a similar situation?



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Posted by @taro, Apr 24, 2012

Similar situation, no answers. I am 65, and have had intermittent problems for 10 years. They have found nothing. I’ve been several years now without problems, but have had two bad angina attacks this year. Went to the doctor today, and will have echocardiogram on Wednesday, but I’m betting that they find absolutely nothing, just like last time.

Reply to me, and I’ll let you know.


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Posted by @jacobk, Apr 24, 2012

Thanks for your input. Wife discharged, MRI of neck (to see if shoulder blade pain caused neurologically) and CT angioplasty negative results. Hosptital wants her to follow up with neurosergeon and orthopedic doctors to see if they can find cause of intermittent back pain and chest discomfort. They continue to rule ouit hear problems, but can’t find cause of symptoms, at least not yet.


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Posted by @bettyann, May 4, 2012

This is just an ‘idea’…in no way am I meaning for it to be a diagnosis. I have known of several people –one of whom was hospitalized with what seemed to be a heart problem, but it turned out to be painful trapped gas…which I know CAN be felt in the area of the chest. And quite naturally, when you experience this, I know it can cause a great deal of stress…and that adds to all kinds of ‘symptoms’. They feel real…but the mind can really pull some good tricks on us.
If your wife suffers from anxiety, (as do so many of us!) it could bring about these symptoms. Panic attacks can imitate heart problems to the maximum! Has the dr ever suggested that it could be this? I wish you both well! Good luck!


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Posted by @annp, May 25, 2012

In my opinion if they have not done an angiogram they need to.

fishing lady

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Posted by @fishinglady, Nov 9, 2012

did they check if there is any behind a valve not opening right.

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