Has Chemo caused on Nerve Pain and/or Damage for you? I’m worried

Posted by tristram @tristram, Dec 16, 2022

Have chemo treatments caused nerve pain/damage to anyone , and if so, to what extent? I'm a three-time survivor of Guillaine-Barre Syndrome and am worried about the effects some of the chemo meds could have on nerves.

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My husband had throat cancer and a slight spot on his lower back 7 months of radiation and one lot of chemo next pet scan said everything was clear and gone 6 weeks later he had terrible pain in his lower back sciatica down legs cancer came back and ate away L4 and L5 We lived a long way from hospitals in Australia and he left home for that pet scan and was in hospital for 7 months as he had bolts and rods put in but the couldn’t sit longer than 2 minutes on a plane to come home so we have now moved down to the city he can come to out new home but only has comfort from pain when laying straight on a recliner he moves a short way with help on a gutter trolley from bed to chair his pain is so chronic he has chemo every Friday non stop so it is like living on a merry go round he has fetenol patches 62 mls changed every three days and cbd oil 1ml three times a day with various other pills for high blood pressure but his main issue is pain stopping him from being mobile and having quality of life he is only 56 so if anyone has similar problems and has managed to have a better time with it please let us know how

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@lizzyshortlegs, this is such a tough journey for both you and your husband, made more complex with geography. How is he doing today? How are YOU doing?

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