Changing skin tag

Posted by jax1281 @jax1281, Oct 28, 2017

I’ve had this on the roof of my mouth since the summer, and it seems to be changing shape. The top is taken today, the bottom, over the summer. It is on the roof of my mouth. Has anyone seen anything like this before?

Have you seen a dentist about this yet? It doesn’t look good to me, but I’m not a doctor or dentist. I think you need to get an appointment ASAP if you haven’t already done so. If you’ve seen a dentist or doctor who said not to worry about it, get a second opinion. Anytime I have a growth or other issue that I’m concerned enough to ask others about, it means it’s time to consult a professional who can look at it and diagnose the problem. Good luck. Gail B


Hi @jax1281. Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect! Thank you for posting to the group! On Mayo Clinic Connect we can offer up connections to other members and information taken from Mayo but we are not medical professionals and cannot offer a medical diagnosis.

Can you tell me if you have indeed seen an Dermatologist or Dentist who would have identified you with this skin tag in your mouth?


@jax1281, How are you doing? Please give us an update if you can. It will be helpful for others who may have similar growths in oral skin tags. Plus, I am thinking about you and hope you are doing OK. Thanks, Gailb

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