Cervicogenic Headache

Posted by helloshelly7969 @helloshelly7969, Jul 9, 2018

Hello fellow fighters! Been under the weather more than usual lately. These headaches I am afraid are winning away my social events and peace. Besides a nerve block, and warm compresses what are your ideas? Thank you for being here.



Thanks, Shelly. I appreciated the video and I think it will be informative to others as well.

Please remember that not all pain clinics are pushing opioids. It really might be helpful to just listen to what they have to say. I really do agree, though, that Physical Therapy, Tai-Chi, and other exercises are the best idea, though.

What sort of exercises do you do on a regular basis to improve your range of motion, etc.? I always like to compare notes with others who are pill-aversive!


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@helloshelly7969 Yes, pool walking is great – I like it as well. Teresa

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