Celiac Plexus Block if in Pain: Worked for me

Posted by Peter S (Aussie) @spicerpa, May 31 7:46pm

Hi everyone
Yesterday I had a celiac plexus block procedure to reduce my abdominal pain which had resulted in two trips by ambulance to the ED. I was admitted to the ward and put on morphine injection every 4 hours and when required in between.

None of the by mouth meds worked any more, endone etc and my pancreatic main tumour was sending too many pain signals to this nerve bundle.

So far my block has resulted in a 90% reduction in my pain and I will go back tablets for any residual pain. I recommend checking out if you are suffering from chronic abdominal pain.

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@spicerpa, thanks for reporting the good results of your pain managment with the celiac plexus block also with medication for break-through pain. You may also be interested in this related discussion:
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That’s really good to hear. I’ve been on 10 mg oxycodone twice a day with 5 mg for breakthrough. I’m scheduled for a nerve block the 24th!


An update on my post block experience….I had the procedure 2 weeks ago and though I rated the pain relief at a 90% reduction, it turns out this was overly optimistic.

The block did address the primary pancreatic tumour radiated pain, it then exposed another site radiating pain on my right side from what I assume is coming from my liver where I have numerous lesions.

This is generating continuous pain at around 4-5 level and requiring endone every 4 hours and slow release OxyContin twice a day… this sort of manages it but only just…. Still trying to find the perfect dosage and meds combination which has me pain free… every time I see the palliative care doctor I get another few scripts… I am keeping my local pharmacy in business!

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