CDC releases new guidelines for people who had COVID vaccinations

Posted by Merry, Volunteer Mentor @merpreb, Mar 8, 2021

Hi everyone- I just received announcements of CDC’s new guidelines for people who have had vaccinations.

When You’ve Been Fully Vaccinated: How to Protect Yourself and Others

Below is just a summary of these guidelines.

The CDC defines people who are fully vaccinated as those who are two weeks past their second dose of the Moderna and Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine or two weeks past a single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. People who are vaccinated are protected and there is growing evidence that they don’t spread Covid-19, but scientists are still trying to understand how long vaccine protection lasts. “The level of precautions taken should be determined by the characteristics of the unvaccinated people, who remain unprotected against Covid-19,” the guidelines said.

The CDC says fully vaccinated people can:

  • Visit other vaccinated people indoors without masks or physical distancing.
  • Visit indoors with unvaccinated people from a single household without masks or physical distancing if the unvaccinated people are at low risk for severe disease.
  • Skip quarantine and testing if exposed to someone who has Covid-19 but is asymptomatic.

My first vaccine is next Sunday. How many of you are still waiting for your first one?

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It is probably not the right place, but I wanted to respond anyway. My husband, who has not been a smoker, came down with bladder cancer. We have no idea why. He had a tumor removed. Thankfully, that was all that was necessary at the time. No chemo. He was age 64 at the time. However, he had to get the scopes every four months, Tehran every six months.

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My husband doesn't smoke and has bladder cancer, I think this happens a lot.


How are they explaining people who have been completely vaccinated and boosted and still being dx with some form of COVID? I am 70+ live alone and should I become ill with COVID I have no one to take care of me. There are to many unanswered questions.

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