What type of therapist for cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)?

Posted by aaron0731 @aaron0731, Mar 23, 2018

With all of the different types of doctors, social workers, psychologists, ect.. out there I want to make the right decision for myself before I make an appt. What type of worker should I be looking to see for Cognitive Behavior Therapy? My specific problems are alcohol abuse, anger, anxiety, depression. Or if theres another route I should go I’ll listen to suggestions but reading about CBT seems to be the ticket for me.

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I recommend contacting the Psychiatry Depts. of the best Hospitals near you – here, many consider HUP the best (The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Psychiatry Dept.) and ask for great therapists near you or at the Out-Patient Psychiatry Dept of the Hospital, contact info and, if it were me, I would describe my symptoms rather than ask for a specific therapy type like CBT because you may need a wider or different type of therapist. (Many do specialize in addictions, moods, it's a multi-pronged prob and solutions, imo. The Psy Dept will give you some good therapists! May you be well completely and soon. !!!


I believe that CBT is done with Psychologists. That is the case with my Grandson. Hope that it helps you if you decide to go for it.
Am not sure how much it is helping our Grandson. He does not say much about it so I asked him to rate it on a scale of one to ten.
He gave it a six! His Mom thinks he seems a little less anxious though.
Best wishes!


Hello @aaron0731 and welcome to Mayo Connect!

You are to be congratulated on your decision to seek help for your problems, admitting to a problem is the first step in recovery. Here is a website from Mayo Clinic about CBT and about the professionals who help with CBT. https://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/cognitive-behavioral-therapy/about/pac-20384610

I am going to invite Gary, @gman007, a volunteer mentor who has previously discussed his recovery from addiction.

Have you tried talk therapy before? What other types of treatments have you considered?

I look forward to hearing from you again.


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