CBD oil for pain

Posted by timfitz @timfitz, Jul 19, 2016

After trying opiates, and lyrica, and mostly just suffering I tried sublingual CBD which is from the marijuana plant, but has no THC in it, you don’t get high. It was very very effective. Not only did it reduce my pain at least 75%, it has a calming effect on the anxiety produced in those of us with chronic pain by the fact we have it. I do recommend it…. Be sure it is from a reliable source. You don’t need to smoke anything or get high.

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I was given CBD Tincture by the doctor to help with pain. No help with the pain did calm down my anxiety.


I have chronic back pain and shoulder pain. Was surviving on Tylenol and Advil for years – introduced low does of hemp oil CBD a few years ago and once I got to around 50 mg per day via a tincture – I was able to use that to control the pain. Still have bad days but they don't happen often and I recover much quicker. The CBD I am on now is full spectrum so it has trace levels of THC – never feel high or loopy but I can tell it works better than "No THC" CBD. I was reluctant to go to 50mg per day but most of the reading said the benefits for pain are 50mg or higher doses. But it likely varies by person quite a bit. Give it a try – Med Terra full Spectrum is brand I recommend.


The CBD oil/tincture the doctor gave me "I was told at first had no THC" , however, the nurse then told me it had traces of THC so low that they would not be detectable in a urine test. Hmmm. That was important to me as my work is Federally regulated so I am subject to THC drug testing. That said the pain is keeping me from working. Dx*!m#3 if I do or if I don't. After reading your post I am going to increase my dosage of CBD in hopes it helps. I have heard may claim it has been helpful. Also think I might switch to gummy bears; The CBD I use now tastes awful.

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