CBD oil for pain

Posted by timfitz @timfitz, Jul 19, 2016

After trying opiates, and lyrica, and mostly just suffering I tried sublingual CBD which is from the marijuana plant, but has no THC in it, you don’t get high. It was very very effective. Not only did it reduce my pain at least 75%, it has a calming effect on the anxiety produced in those of us with chronic pain by the fact we have it. I do recommend it…. Be sure it is from a reliable source. You don’t need to smoke anything or get high.

The edibles say 5mg (1/2 of a piece) My dropper for the tincture says 5, but I start with 10. In an hour or so, if I need more, I add part of an edible. It depends on your tolerance. Leafy is a good site, but it is trial and error to see what works. I like the CBD that has a bit of THC in it, not the other. I have a medical marijuana card.


@marye2 I started using cbd capsules by Vytalyze the one Dr Oz and Dr Phil talk about so far it really works

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