NTM and CBD oil or cannabis

Posted by kristin123 @kristin123, Dec 22, 2017

Hi! I’m new here. So glad to have found you all! I was diagnosed a year and a half ago and chose not to treat with antibiotics at present. Has anybody tried CBD oil? Apparently there have been some studies on treating tuberculosis. Thanks!

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I eat half a THC gummy every night to sleep. I'm no longer on the antibiotics but that is when I started it because of my interrupted sleep. If I don't have to get up (which is almost never), I eat a whole one. It's been a game changer for my sleep. I just wish MAC would be a reason I could get medical. That would save me a ton of money since I have to go to the recreational side of the building.

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Could you tell me what brand works for you?


I usually use sleepeeze. I don't think I spelled it right. I live in Illinois and they only sell Illinois products. Sometimes they are out, so I just go by what the young person tells me to.

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