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cbd oil for tremors

Posted by @swampyshores, Sat, Feb 16 9:48am


I am getting results with cbd oil for tremor. I didn't notice a difference until I upped my dosage to 62 mg twice a day. I still have quite a tremor and not sure how long I should stay at each dose before increasing. any thoughts?


Hi, @swampyshores – welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I can understand that you would want to see if you could get the tremor under good control.

Will you share more about how long you've had the tremor, and what your diagnosis is?

I am 67. Tremor first started 20 years ago. Benign Essential Tremor diagnosed by neurologist. I've had a brain scan. Tried all kinds of supplements prescribed by MD specializing in biochemistry of body, naturopaths, nutrionist. Tried acupuncture. The only things that work are a 30 mg dose of propranolol or at least 31 mg CBD oil 2x a day. I notice my handwriting is very good after the first dose. However, it seems to wear off during the day.

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