CBD Oil for social anxiety for my teenage son

Posted by krisgrab @krisgrab, Feb 25, 2019

I'm looking for any info on CBD oils for my teenage son. He has social anxiety and I don't know where to start looking to buy safe and effective CBD oil

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Hi there.my15 y.o. son is going through it as well with generalized anxiety.I too am looking into cbd oil.I will inform you what i find out regarding the cbd oil.You may want to find out if your son is vitamin deficient,which can attribute to anxiety and depression.Good bless you and your son.I hope you can get to the bottom of this using natural
remedies if possible.


@harleneq and @krisgrab - Good morning. Welcome to Mayo Connect. Teenagers can certainly test the meaning of sanity! Some go through some tough times in their teenage years. Some can struggle for a while and others seem to whiz through. My son tested me from here to the moon and back with his angst. I am wondering if you both feel that this is beyond just normal teenage behavior because these really are natural hormonal changes that we all go through. Have either of you talked with your pediatrician and asked what he thinks?


My kids are all grown. Kids go through phases. Some can take us to wanting to snatch them bald-or ourselves!!
Would be interesting to know if CBD could help. I remember the stress on the family caused by my oldest son’s behavior. He still struggles. 😞.


It’s definitely not a phase. It’s progressively gotten worse. I’ve struggled getting him to school for 5 years and now in his senior year he quit school. He hasn’t really left the house in weeks. I’ve tried to force him into therapy, but that didn’t work out well. I got him in the car and panicked halfway there. I had to turn around and go home. He needs help just getting out of the house to even see his grandparents


@krisgrab- Oh boy, sounds like you have your hands full! I'm not sure that CBD oil will change his behavior. I urge you to talk to your doctor. How old is he? What other behaviors is he showing? Anger? Has he been drug tested?


There is a very good thread on CBD for anxiety and depression on this forum. It has information that may help you. Personally I would seriously consider CBD before medications that could have addiction risks for such a young person.


Hi, @krisgrab. I wanted to add my welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. It sounds like it's been quite challenging with your son's social anxiety, and it also sounds like you are working hard at helping him and being an advocate for him at this time.

One discussion on kids and anxiety/depression you may find useful on Connect is https://connect.mayoclinic.org/webinar/may-18-2017-askthemayomom-about-anxiety-and-depression-in-children/.

If you decide to pursue CBD oil, I'd encourage you do so under the guidance of a professional on dosing, frequency and what your doctor may know about risks and long-term effects.

@mamacita @gingerw @concernedmtnmom also may have some thoughts for you as you try and help your teen son with his social anxiety, which seems to be getting in the way of getting out of the house, visiting grandparents or getting therapy right now.

Is there anything you've found helpful in calming his social anxiety while you've dealt with this, @krisgrab?


I suggest searching for a medical marijuana doctor in your area, they are listed on a government website. Once you obtain the doctor, they will guide you through the registration process, dispensary locations, etc. With the medical marijuana card, you’ll have access to oil extraction means to produce your own; used topically, sublingual, in olive oil, etc. Or you can purchase the oil at the dispensary. Best wishes to you and your son.


I found Charlotte's Web which had excellent reviews. They are based out of Boulder, CO here I believe. I ordered mine to help with my awful sleep problems, and can't wait to start....I am going to try it during the day to just keep me calm too..


Hello: CBD can be a God send for many. With CBD there are many different brands / formulations with varying terpene profiles (the items that help do the work). With anxiety it is very important to get advice from a medical marijuana certified doctor in your area.
For instance - there are “blends of CBD” that will help with energy but aren’t necessarily good for a person with anxiety. These can actually be counterproductive in certain cases. Sometimes too much energy isn’t good for anxiety.

I would not recommend over the counter CBD oils as they aren’t as closely regulated and the formulations can vary from batch to batch. That isn’t good - especially when treating items like anxiety where you need a predictable experience from batch to batch.

I have been utilizing CBD products since 2017 that I get from a certified state regulated dispensary.

Over that time I have learned a bout these products - with the proper guidance from a medical professional in your area licensed to prescribe these products is the way to go.

I can provide more info if you would like - please drop me a private message.


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