Damage to neck, back and knees

Posted by catcatanzaro60 @catcatanzaro60, Nov 22, 2019

/Since July been going to pt and now Chriopractor. I need an MRI. I have damage to my neck ,my whole back, and now knees too for one year Yesterday my Chropractor gave me so much anxiety. He told me I had 4 spots damaged in neck. He said I have a blood clot in my neck that he could fix. Well I been having sharp pains the last three months from my neck to head hurting so badly I had to go to sleep. I dont think the doctors in Ohio are the best. I dont know what to do. I have Caresource insurance at this time.

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Hi @catcatanzaro60, that must, as you said, make you feel so anxious.

I thought @suerc @rwinnery and @candrgonzalez may be able to offer you support as they all have experience with various types of neck pain.

Back to you @catcatanzaro60, have you been able to schedule an MRI at this time at a local hospital?


Thanks, Ethan McConkey! I have been trying since July to get my Mri. I have my last visit with a PT on Monday. I am going to change hospitals to different doctors soon. It is frightening. The Chiropractor just told him like it was nothing while I was lying 0n a roller bed with tens. Nobody from the hospital or doctors told me any results. He said 4 spots destroyed and a blood clot in my neck from an xray.


Go to an Orthopedic clinic.. real MDs…Spine surgeons and never experts… Cleveland Clinic or a Medical University clinic..

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