Carvedilol...does anyone have experience taking this drug?

Posted by razorclams @razorclams, May 18 5:14pm

I had a cardiac ablation for frequent (20,000+ per day) PVC. The Doc thought he burned the spot he needed to as the PVC’s stopped for over 30 minutes. Now, 10 weeks later, I have just as many PVC’s.
He told me that he didn’t think that he was aggressive enough. Instead of a second ablation at this time, I will try carefully, a drug that I have never used. If this drug doesn’t work, I will have a second ablation. The origination point of my PVC’s is on the Aortic Semilunar valve. A very tricky place to be more aggressive.

Hello @razorclams,

We have many members on Connect who have discussed this med, Here is the link where you can learn more about the experience of others.

Do you have any concerns about taking this med? Has your cardiologist offered you any other options?

Please know that it is always a patient's right to get a second opinion regarding treatment. If you decide to get a second opinion. As you have mentioned that this is a tricky location to be aggressive, I strongly suggest you go to a well-known heart center. They are often connected with university medical schools. Mayo Clinic also has a premier cardiac program. If you are interested in an appointment at one of the three Mayo Clinic facilities here is a link to get more information,

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