CAR-T cells and solid tumors: Any efficacy?

Posted by alishawith4 @alishawith4, Jul 29, 2021

any efficacy from anyone?

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Hi @alishawith4,
Research continues into the use of chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy with solid tumors. As yet, it has not been proven successful. I paraphrase from this article in the Lancet
- CAR T-cell therapy for solid tumours
"The use of CAR T-cell therapy has yielded excellent early-to-mid-term results in patients with haematological cancers, but the transfer of this technology to solid cancers faces more substantive biological barriers and risks to patients. Despite many ongoing clinical trials, very few have reported any results and all are at early stages. Consequently, many unknowns remain. The potential is evident, but it will only be realised through carefully designed trials incorporating thorough patient monitoring and stringent stopping rules coupled to detailed preclinical translational research."

While there is promise and hope, it will be a while before CAR-T cell therapy becomes approved treatment for solid tumors.

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