Carbs or Net Carbs?

Posted by JK, alumni mentor @contentandwell, Mar 5, 2019

I have heard different things about counting carbs. Some say you should count all carbs, some say it's Net Carbs that matter. I plan to ask my doctor but I don't consider it urgent enough to do that now, I don't see him again until the summer.
I thought of this, this morning when I was putting my breakfast into myfitnesspal and noticed that my Silver Palate Oatmeal has 26 grams of carbs, but only 21 net carbs.
Which measurement is more applicable? Has anyone been told that specifically by their endocrinologist? The total carbs put me over what I try to keep it to when I add blueberries, but the net carbs are within range.

USDA Handbbok on nutritive values is available at ARS.USDA.GOV gives you the nutrient breakdown of many different whole food and many processed foods as well.
Mary Kay

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