Candida Overgrowth

Posted by kateallie @kateallie, Feb 9, 2020

I am almost 59, and have been suffering for years with Candida, more than five years undiagnosed until I was in stage 4 of the disease stage 5 can be organ failure or even death, I've been in treatment for a little over a year. I have researched till I'm cross-eyed. I know more about this than my doctor, but the second I stop taking anti-fungal it returns within days. I have done detox, restrictive diets (no sugar, carbs, etc.) (do not feed the beast!) until my weight become very low, but to no avail. It has taken so much of my life from me, at times I have been so sick, weak, in pain, I could not walk unassisted. Prior to contracting this I weight trained, could speed walk 3 miles in less than a half hour.Currently I'm on oral anti-fungal as well as vaginal meds and probiotics to stay close to well as possible. I have resigned myself that this will be my life or this will eventually be the end of me (it had gotten into my heart a few months ago), is in my ears still, vagina, and I battle oral thrush, but I have finally had a clean blood test for the first time in 15 months. Please help me find the cure, or a doctor who knows of the cure(a real doctor not a internet sales person). Thank you.

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Hi @sam595, Mayo Clinic does have physicians that treat chronic systemic candidiasis. They also have several clinical trials regarding fungal infections. I have linked that below so you can check those out.

I thought you might be interested in reading this article as well.
- Systemic candidiasis:,-Listen&text=Systemic%20candidiasis%20includes%20a%20spectrum,other%20parts%20of%20the%20body.

In addition, here is a study that Mayo published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings that may provide some more information.

@sam595, where are you located?

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@amandaburnett, thank you for sharing the studies with me.
I am located in sioux falls, SD. I am pleased to hear that Mayo Clinic has physicians that treat Candidisas. I was wondering if there are candidiasis test that Mayo Clinic suggests?


I am sorry for all what you went through. What kind of tests one should do?


@sam595 That's good. That means you are only about 3 and a half hours from the Rochester MN campus. I think it would depend on where the physicians think the overgrowth is located. They can do an endoscopy and or a blood test.


I have continually suffered with candida overgrowth since 2000. I'm from a fairly small town with doctors that seem to think I'm crazy and making this up! From 2000-2004, my symptoms became so bad and I was exhausted from seeing local doctors without receiving any help, that I just decided to give up and die. I was 33 years old. Because I was so sick, I had lost my job and my health insurance. At the same time, a local physician finally referred me to Mayo clinic but I wasn't able to go because I didn't have any way to get there. Again, I was giving up. My life was falling apart, my marriage was failing, my step dad fighting prostate cancer, and my ex husband took priority when he fell through our glass coffee table and cut his artery.
The bank foreclosed on our house, which had burned a month after we purchased it. The contractor left wet insulation in the walls and black mold was on every stud, in the HVAC ducts, etc...and I slept right under the air vent in our bedroom. No wonder I was sick?! I moved to a place that was mold free. During this time I read a book by Doug Kaufman 'I know the cause'. It became my bible!! Finally a new doctor moved to town...She prescribed a lower daily dose of diflucan for several months. That combined with the probiotics and natural remedies I read about seemed to cure me for several years.
As all good things come to an end, the doctor moved away and shortly thereafter, I find myself right back where I began. I once again feel like giving up. I have skin rashes, migraine headaches, toenail fungus, my ears constantly hurt, my joints ache, I have developed asthma, my kidneys feel like they're shutting down, I have nose bless, brain fog, feel like I'm drunk and don't drink anything but water. Last year, I was told by West Cancer clinic I need to have a radical hysterectomy to remove cysts that could be cancerous. I have not. I don't have that kind of financial stability to be off work to recover for 6 weeks and I don't have anyone to help care for me. My mother is in bad health and I help her as much as I'm able. I believe she took needs to be treated for candida overgrowth...again I am amazed that we cannot get medical treatment locally for this. Instead we get the 'physican shuffle' or nurse practitioners that are too afraid to diagnose anything. I currently have her on a daily probiotic, digestive enzymes and the Kaufman diet. Two weeks ago, she told me she feels better than she has in a long while!!
I accompanied her to get doctor visit and told him what I'm doing to help her, instead of testing her, he just said ...'Good work! Keep it up! See ya in 6 months!'
He asked...'Whats the name of that book again?'
Maybe he will educate himself but meanwhile, here we are.
She does have insurance, I still do not.
I keep telling her what's wrong with me is, I believe, what is also wrong with her.
She now has oral thrush and can barely walk.
Our health has deteriorated before our eyes. What's ao aggravating is I know there is treatment for fungal overgrowth!!! But I have yet to find it in Arkansas?
PLEASE, help us?
I am too young to feel so old!!


I have suffered the same issues since I was a teenager. (30 now)
I used to get awful UTIs and because of this, my body has become immune to most antibiotics. I was tired of the antibiotics always leaving me with candida overgrowth! I am a paraplegic, so I can’t just get up and go to the doctor like everyone else. Doctors were very hesitant about giving me Diflucan so much, and I am NOT going to put any yeast cream inside my vagina! I had to do that when I was pregnant with my son, and I just hated it.

I finally searched for “yeast pills” on Amazon and found a great solution.

I found the perfect solution for me. It’s called TwinLab Yeast Fighters, Capsules.

I live in a good sized town! (Fayetteville, NC) I had to become my own advocate.

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