Cancerous spot not healing??

Posted by dazlin @dazlin, Jan 25, 2019

While at Mayo being examined for my rashes, a cancerous nickel size spot was removed on my back. It was basil cell, and said to be superficial. Four weeks later, it was nasty looking, with a thick black scab, and red border that spread out. I went to a local dermatologist, and they removed the scab, dr said it looked angry, and I applied ointment and covered it for 14 days. It seemed to heal ok, but its still red, and it hurts radiating out, and itches a bit. Four months later, it’s still bugging me. I went back to local dermatologist, dr said just apply scar ointment. No further biopsy was done. She said she didn’t have an answer as to why it hurts all around, but only that the scar tissue can be uncomfortable. Has anyone ever experienced after effects like this, for so long?? Before it was removed, I never even knew it was there.

Any of you looked at using bloodroot. There used to be a Facebook page with 21,000 members and great info, which FB removed. Now see Lots of knowledgable people there who have used it successfully. I have.

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