Cancer symptoms question

Posted by bluemountain12 @bluemountain12, Jul 13, 2021

Hello, I have recently noticed that I have been experiencing facial sweating, especially when I am working on something or doing a task, even when indoors in a comfortable, air conditioned room. I know that night sweats (body sweats) are a common lymphoma cancer symptom, but I was wondering if this is also true about facial sweating. My question is, if facial sweating could be an early symptom of certain cancers and if so, which ones. My general blood work is normal so far. Prior to this new symptom starting, I have noticed drainage from my right nostril for over a year now. I was told it is not a CSF leak since the fluid is too thick or viscous and the scope that was done up my nose did not reveal anything. Would appreciate if a doctor could comment on whether any of the cancers or any other illness come to mind with facial sweating.

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@bluemountain12 Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I see you have been a member for a couple of years, but this is your first post.

Having a sudden change in our bodies like the excessive sweating can be pretty upsetting. Here is an article from Mayo Clinic that may help you:

Have you spoken to your doctor, to have them give you any advice or opinion? That may be a first step towards a solution. Please come back and let me know what they may have to say, will you?

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