Can 'temporary blindness' last 3 weeks?

Posted by curiouswon @curiouswon, Jun 5, 2019

A person who joined our social circle claims they fell off a bike, and as a result went blind. But miraculously, their vision was restored after 3 weeks. Several people in the group want to steer clear of this person, as they believe them to be a total liar--but is it actually medically possible (if not probable) that one would 'go totally blind' for three weeks, then have their vision become fully restored?

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People can have vision restored after a trauma with surgery. I’m assuming this person did not have surgery and that it was a miracle? I would be skeptical too. Temporary blindness lasts minutes or a half hour ....3 weeks? But then I’m not a Doctor . I would be asking a gazillion questions just out of curiosity if I knew this individual.

Regards from FL Mary

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