Can sensorineural hearing loss be prevented?

Posted by Julie, Volunteer Mentor @julieo4, Jun 24, 2021

Noise induced sensorineural hearing loss is common. Since the advent of portable headphones, and audio devices the incidence of noise induced SNHL has not only increased, but has become a common issue for young people. Data shows the 1 in every 5 teenagers has some degree of SNHL.

This week, Hearing Health Foundation (HHF), the nation’s largest nonprofit funder of hearing and balance research, launched “Keep Listening,” a visually provocative public health ad campaign greeting commuters in New York, San Francisco, and Chicago* to drive the message—especially to young people—that playing music too loud on personal listening devices can permanently damage their hearing.
* These major cities have been selected to have ad campaigns in railway and subway stations where people are using headphones constantly.

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@julieo4 It's unfortunate that people do not think that hearing loss will affect them, especially if it doesn't run in the family. Besides,
"hearing loss only affects old people" (just one myth about hearing loss). The reality is that once we have SNHL, we will always have it. The affects cannot be reversed. The only thing that we MUST do, is accept it and take steps to preserve the hearing that is still there. I hope the current HHF campaign helps to prevent some kids from damaging their ears but the general population have to be aware that there are other causes, besides noise exposure, for SNHL (ototoxic drugs, genetics, infectious diseases, chronic ear infections, aging, and injury).
Tony in Michigan

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