Can one stop taking prolia after the first shot?

Posted by imatine @imatine, Mar 6, 2021

Hello everyone, my mom is 84 year old and she got osteoporosis since 8 years. She took prolia last October. She started to feel a lot of pain in her legs now. I am thinking she shouldn't take the 2nd shot but I am afraid of the consequences. Did anyone here stop the prolia at an early stage!? If so what happened? Thank you

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I am concerned about the cost of this.
My outpatient hospital billed a little over $9000!
My out of pocket was over $1700
I can not afford this 2 times a year.
I called the company and they have a assistance program of $1500 a year.
How do people afford this shot 2 times a year?
I am 3 years from Medicare. Does Medicare pay this>?

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