Can Lyme/Bartonella be transmitted through infected blood?

Posted by indigo707 @indigo707, Oct 24, 2018

This morning I was visiting a family member. They are diabetic and are currently battling Lyme and Bartonella. They dropped one of the needle heads for their insulin heads they'd already used to give themselves insulin. I accidentally stepped on it, and the needle went into my foot. I quickly walked away and wiped my entire foot down with alcohol pads to sterilize. And 15 minutes later, creeped out beyond belief, I took a shower and scrubbed myself down. Is there a possibility I'm infected? I know I'm probably blowing this out of proportion, but, I just am kind of freaked out.

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@indigo707 – I wouldn't be too concerned, but if you're very worried you can ask your doctor. I assume the family member is currently being treated with medication/antibiotics? How far into treatment are they? The farther into treatment, the less risk you'd have.

Biosafety procedures regarding needle pricks with Lyme in the lab do not involve any sort of drastic action or proactive treatment or testing for Lyme unless symptoms develop. It says after a needlestick, wash the area with soap and running water (which you did); and be informed of the signs and symptoms of Lyme disease and watch for the development of these signs and symptoms. There is no indication that any sort of medication or prophalyxsis (treatment for potential exposure to an infectious agent before/without any evidence of infection) is needed, and testing for Lyme without any symptoms is specifically advised against. That's a pretty good sign, as labs would be extra careful about that kind of stuff to avoid lawsuits and warnings. See

Some needles also have built-in safety feature or mechanism that effectively reduces the risk of an exposure incident.

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