Can I reach 6'0 or more?

Posted by anbusoggy @anbusoggy, Mar 12 3:24pm

I am 5'9, 15 year old male. My dad is 5'11 and my mom is 5'4. I recently did an X-ray of my wrist and my bone age is 16. I play basketball, sleep well, and eat well. Am I finished growing or can I still hopefully reach 6'0?

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Kids usually reach a height that is between both parents heights. And some will get taller. Girls grow steadily but boys grow at an uneven pace. They can go from 5’2” to 5’11” in a couple of months. You’re not finished growing until your early 20’s. Both my sons went from 5’2”-5’4” at age 14 to 6’0”-6’1” by 15 and 6’1” to 6’2” by 17. They had reached their full height at that point.

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