Can Chlamydia develop from having BV?

Posted by yb24 @yb24, Mar 12 11:41pm

I am pregnant and have gotten BV. My partner and I are both clean and i was told that chlamydia can develop if the BV went untreated, which it did for a while. Is this true?

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Your question made me curious, so I looked it up…

From what I could understand, bacterial vaginosis wouldn’t cause chlamydia, but there’s an association. People could be more susceptible to getting chlamydia, but it’s not the cause.

I did find this, which was interesting: “ Despite what you may think, it is possible to get a sexually transmitted infection (STI) like chlamydia, gonorrhea, or herpes without your partner cheating on you. This could be due to a long-standing infection that was never diagnosed or one that is asymptomatic (symptom-free).”

(And I’m not implying cheating at all; that’s just what the article was called, probably for them to get clicks!),asymptomatic%20(symptom%2Dfree).

I have an autoimmune condition and I learned with pregnancy, your immune system quiets down a little so that the body doesn’t reject the baby, so it might make sense that BV or an under-the-radar infection could happen.

I hope it resolves quickly for you.

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